Partner Institutions

L’Abri – Genève

L’Abri – Genève supports emerging artists from all horizons in their projects by making spaces available, organising meetings with professionals from different fields, and setting up exchanges with regional and international structures and artists. The challenges are plenty: creating contexts conducive to production and co-production, bringing visibility to the artistic projects of the Associate Artists and helping them to promote their creations.

TROIS C-L | Maison pour la danse

As a centre for contemporary dance in Luxembourg, the TROIS C-L aims to support professional choreographers and dancers by placing promotion and dissemination at the heart of its missions. Its work in this area aims to put artists in touch with host structures, thereby facilitating the dissemination of their choreographic works.

Theater Freiburg

The dance department of the Théâtre de Fribourg, a multidisciplinary municipal theatre, welcomes foreign artists and co-produces projects on an international scale. Its mission is to show the different facets and forms of expression of contemporary dance on stage and in unusual places. Located in southern Germany, the Freiburg Theatre is one of the most important stages for contemporary dance. What’s more, the artists, body laboratories, lectures, film screenings and masterclasses on offer offer a vast programme of dance-related activities.


A national choreographic development centre, POLE-SUD comprises a performance space, studios, a dance-music centre for amateur artistic practice and a DANSE-OTHEQUE, a space dedicated to curiosity about choreographic culture. It offers a different way of seeing, moving and experiencing the city, with dances, performances and other spectacular objects.

Onassis Foundation – Stegi

Onassis Stegi is the place where contemporary culture meets aesthetics and science – since 2010. Stegi, which means ‘shelter’ and ‘roof’ in Greek, hosts events in all artistic fields, from theatre and dance to music, film, visual arts, digital and hybrid art and writing.
Onassis Culture is the cultural pillar and main activity of the Onassis Foundation, established in 1975. Onassis Culture encompasses a wide range of activities, all of which reflect our philosophy: we create our own ‘content’ and our own activities. We are not neutral, we take a stand on the following issues: freedom of expression, democracy, LGBT, equal rights, minorities, identity, sustainability.

Teatro Municipal do Porto

In 2023, under the joint artistic direction of Cristina Planas Leitão and Drew Klein, the Teatro Municipal do Porto (TMP) is strengthening its commitment to deepening artistic discourse and questioning the role of art in society, in an ongoing dialogue with the city.
The TMP, through its two poles – Rivoli and Campo Alegre – presents a multidisciplinary programme, open to a wide range of latitudes and audiences, implementing the strategy defined by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Porto, since its reopening in September 2014.
With a clear mission to co-produce, present and support local, national and international artistic communities, the TMP intends above all to consolidate itself as a platform for the development of effective relationships and sustained creative practices, in a constant triangulation between artists, audiences and the place of the institution.Motivated by the idea that theatres can present realities, the TMP intends to assert its centres and spaces as places of possibility for dialogues that cross walls, bringing Porto and the world into a lively exchange, with a sense of time and intersection.
Together with DDD – Festival Dias da Dança and the artistic residency centre and work space for the performing arts, CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva, TMP is part of the performing arts department of Ágora – Cultura e Desporto E.M. / Câmara Munic.

Ballet de Lorraine

It is conceived as a place where artistic research, experimentation and creation are all possible. It aims to be a platform open to different disciplines, a meeting place for the many different visions of dance today. The CCN – Ballet de Lorraine, with its 26 dancers, is one of Europe’s leading contemporary choreographic companies in terms of both creation and repertoire, presenting landmark works by major choreographers.


A working tool for dance! A studio, a production consultant and a distribution consultant.
A tool for supporting creations, companies and structures.
A tool shared by a contemporary choreographic community in Brussels.
Free access to know-how, skills and project management.
A place for exchange and networking.

Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin

As a repertory company, the Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin aims to provide the public with a choreographic culture and to place it in the context of a world in perpetual motion. It does this by posing the question of transmission in a lively and contemporary way, by presenting a certain number of milestone works from the classical and contemporary repertoires, and by actively producing new works. The aim is to showcase the variety and richness of dance as a major art form, and its inexhaustible vitality, while anchoring it firmly in the 21st century.