2022 Choreographers

Karine Dahouindji

Supported by L’Abri

Karine Dahouindji is a dancer, performer and choreographer. She trained at the Conservatoire de Nîmes and the Centre national de danse contemporaine d’Angers before entering La Manufacture (Haute école des arts de la scène à Lausanne), where she developed her own universe and became involved in composition and improvisation. During her training, she took part in various video, photo and film projects. In 2018, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance and created the OUINCH OUINCH collective, of which she currently shares artistic direction with Marius Barthaux. Karine now works mainly in Switzerland with various artists: choreographers, directors and visual artists such as Nicole Seiler, Yasmine Hugonnet, Natasza Gerlach and Maëlle Gross. She is also taking part in the Tanzfaktor 2020 tour with Molecutrio and the Swiss Dance Days 2022 with Happy Hype, two pieces by OUINCH OUINCH. She and her collective are currently creating their new piece Cachalotte, which will be presented in November as part of the Emergentia festival, and she will also be performing in Maud Blandel’s new piece.


William Cardoso

Supported by TROIS C-L

William Cardoso began dance at the conservatory of music in Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) before joining Anne-Marie Porras’ professional dance school – EPSE Danse in Montpellier (FR). During his training, William explored the choreographic material of Pina Bausch, Hofesh Shechter, Akram Kahn, Anne-Marie Porras, Thierry Malandain, Virgile Dagneaux… among others. In 2018, William began his career as a performer for Florence Peake and Eve Stainton on Kneading Paradise at Crac Occitane in Sète. Since then, he has worked on a multitude of projects by different choreographers such as Olivier Dubois, Giovanni Zazzera, Anne-Marie Porras, Clara Villalba, Sarah Baltzinger, Jill Crovisier and Léa Tirabasso. His work as a dancer has also led him to work for international companies such as Fabian Thomé and Andreas Constantinou’s Himherandit Production. William Cardoso is currently developing his own work as a young creator. He has two pieces to his credit, Raum (duo) and Dear mum (solo), which he tours with both nationally and internationally.


Lucas Bassereau et Constance Diard

Supported by POLE SUD – CDCN de Strasbourg

Lucas Bassereau and Constance Diard are two French artists. Alongside their respective careers as performers (with Noé Soulier, Alban Richard, Gisèle Vienne and Liz Santoro/Pierre Godard, among others), in 2019 they founded Cognitive Overload, a platform dedicated to their joint choreographic research and to sharing a certain view of dance. Their work gives a large place to abstraction and its sharing. Drawing on a focused theoretical and practical heritage, they work to deconstruct movement and its properties and seek to embody abstract ideas to give them a material and shareable reality. Lucas and Constance are involved in transmission projects with different audiences (amateurs, schoolchildren, dancers in training). In 2022/2023, they are companion artists with the Manège de Reims and the Laboratoire Chorégraphique. They are winners of the “Mondes Nouveaux” programme run by the French Ministry of Culture.



Fanny Brouyaux

Supported by the Grand Studio in Brussels

Fanny Brouyaux is a dancer and choreographer from Brussels. She develops choreographic projects that aim to break down the barriers between different artistic languages and their audiences. Using figures, archetypal characters or presences, she creates shows at the crossroads of dance, theatre and performance. After studying at P.A.R.T.S, she created site-specific performances in a collective with minimalist pianist-composer Christian Schreur and the performance “Un bruit” with sound artist Yann Leguay. She founded her company “Too moved to talk” in 2018 and created “De la poésie, du sport, etc”, a journey of female emancipation in collaboration with performer Sophie Guisset and “Warm”, a body and object performance. As a dancer, she has worked with Taoufiq Izeddiou’s Moroccan company Anania-Danses and with various Belgian companies with a wide range of approaches: Cie “La peau de l’autre”, Cie Abis, Cie Nyash, Julie Bougard, etc. She also takes part in various creations as a choreographic and/or dramaturgical advisor.



Maxime Cozic

Supported by the Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin – CNN de Mulhouse

Originally from Toulon, Maxime practised hip-hop and then academic disciplines during his childhood. In 2014, he joined the Rêvolution professional dancer-performer training course run by Antony Egea in Bordeaux. His career as a performer began in 2015 with the Laura Scozzi company: Opinioni in Movimento, for the show Snowbeard and the Seven Little Pigs in Sleeping Wood. He has taken part in several productions with a hip-hop focus, working with Mourad Merzouki, Mickael Lemer, Fouad Boussouf and Etienne Rochefort. The wide range of aesthetics he practises has also led him to collaborate with Dominique Rebaud and Yann Lheureux on contemporary projects. In 2019 Maxime created the Felinae company, based in Toulon. He created his first solo, Emprise, in 2020, and in April 2023 the premiere of Oxymore (duo), Felinae’s second show, will take place at KLAP, Maison pour la danse in Marseille.


Emi Miyoshi

Supported by Theater Freiburg

Emi Miyoshi was born in Japan and studied dance at Ehime University in Japan. Miyoshi worked in the pretty ugly tanz koeln dance company under the direction of Amanda Miller. In 2008, she received a grant from the Kunststiftung NRW and took part in the SiWiC (Swiss international choreographic training course) as a choreographer. Since 2014, she has been producing in Freiburg under the name SHIBUI collective at the interface between dance and installation. Her work has already been presented at dance festivals in Cologne, Munich, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Switzerland, Taiwan and Japan. She has received a three-year conceptual grant from the city of Freiburg and the state of Baden-Württemberg. In 2017 and 2019, she won the dance and theatre prize of the city of Stuttgart and the state of Baden-Württemberg. Emi and the SHIBUI collective recently received one-year funding from Diehl + Ritter’s TANZPAKT RECONNECT. This funding will enable her collective to strengthen its structure, become more professional and network more effectively at national level. She is a member of the advisory board of the local dance network TANZNETZ Freiburg.


Fotini Stamatelopoulou

Supported by Onassis – Stegis

Fotini Stamatelopoulou lives in Athens and works in the fields of performance, dance and choreography. As a creator, she explores sound and movement through practices concerned with exposing the mechanisms
related to body image and the emotional depth of contemporary bodies and states. She has presented two pieces to date, too.much (2021) (artist in residence in London and Athens) at MIRfestival (Athens) and optimal soft
(2022) at Onassis Stegi (Athens). She works as a choreographer in stage and film productions, promotional spots (Movement Radio, Onassis Stegi), and visual or sound installations (Athens Biennale/detach). She is a member of the performance duo VIGIL, founded in 2022 (in collaboration with the organisation PCAI polygreen, Flux Laboratory-Athens). She is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology at Panteion University, and her academic research focuses on the field of performance psychology. This year, she is one of the choreographers supported by the Grand Luxe network. Her next creation will take place in 2024.

Nicola Galli

Supported by the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine

Nicola Galli works on body research, expressed in pieces and artistic devices ranging from choreography to performance, from body installations to graphic design. Galli started out as an agonist gymnast and then became interested in body research at the Teatro Nucleo (Ferrara), studying the languages of physical theatre and contemporary dance. He also experimented with a number of heterogeneous disciplines: Renaissance dance, modern dance, hip-hop and the ‘Monari Method’ muscular rebalancing workshop. In 2010, he began a personal research project focusing on form and the definition of the concepts of ‘stratification’ and ‘landscape’ in relation to the body, which is being developed in installations and choreographic pieces. Drawing on the natural sciences, geometry and astronomy, he is fascinated by anatomy, proportion and detail; these elements form the core of his trasversal scenic imagination. In his work, the body becomes the radiant core of artistic research, which focuses on the analytical exploration of movement as an integral part of different forms of knowledge. Contextual to her artistic research, Nicola Galli creates and runs educational workshops for children, adults and young dancers, designed to explore movement, discover new visions and perceptions of the body and new reflections on its own identity.